Selling the In-House Legal Department


Sep. 27, 2023

Managing and funding an effective in-house legal team can be challenging, especially during difficult economic times. This is especially true for smaller or newer organizations that may not fully understand the potential costs of compliance failure or claims.

In this must-see webinar, our group of in-house legal experts will reveal their top strategies for demonstrating the importance of preventing legal claims and compliance issues. They will use metrics that go beyond billable hours, so your organization can understand the real value of avoiding problems. Plus, they’ll provide budget-friendly methods, avoiding the need for expensive consultants or services.

  • In this engaging session, you’ll explore:
  • Empowering in-house counsel as catalysts for risk-intelligent management;
  • Proven benchmarks showcasing the tangible value of effective risk management;
  • Compelling regulatory, contractual and business reasons for entities to prioritize risk management;
  • Templates and techniques for communicating risk management outcomes to support resource allocation;
  • Calculating potential savings from hypothetical liability scenarios;
  • Case studies illustrating the profound impact of risk management; and
  • Overcoming pushback on reporting

Don’t miss this opportunity to access exclusive materials, including a risk assessment matrix, risk assessment checklist and model clauses for vendor and service contracts. Join us to transform your legal department into a strategic powerhouse!